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Northern California Rheumatology Society (NCRS)

Email: norcalrheumatology  [at] yahoo [dot] com (Preferred Method)

eVoice: 415-735-6277 to connect or leave a message

eFax: 888-599-8812  

Program Director:
Amiee Loo  *use above email address

Administrative Assistant:
Rochelle Garcia  *use above email address

Current Board President:
Barry Shibuya's office: 510-791-1300

Official Address: (*new as of 1/1/2012)
Northern California Rheumatology Society
3775 Beacon Ave. Ste 100, Fremont, CA 94538

Previous Mailing Address (2009-2011):
c/o Arthritis Foundation
657 Mission Street # 603, San Francisco, CA 94105-4120
To Donate:  
EIN: 26-4371408
NCRS is a California 501-c3 non-profit
organization filed with the Secretary of
State. We also received our
501c3 IRS
Tax Exempt Status - all your donations
can be tax deductible (see
Information for Contributors).

All of the donations received will be
used for our Co-Pay Assistance Fund
2012, along with other grants that we
applied and received. Thank you so
much for your generous donation.
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