Northern California Rheumatology Alliance (NCRA) is now
Northern California Rheumatology Society (NCRS) starting 2009

NCRS is a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization filed with the Secretary of State. We also
received our
501c3 IRS Tax Exempt Status - all your donations can be tax deductible (see IRS Tax
Information for Contributors).  You can donation via a paypal link on Contact/Donate page.

NCRS Mission Statement:

The mission of the NCRS is to provide for the advancement of the care of patients with rheumatic and related
diseases, through the professional development of its members, via educational programs on recent scientific
advances in the field and practice of rheumatology and related medical specialties.

(a)        To conduct educational programs and workshops on recent scientific updates to the members/

(b)        To provide free or low-cost educational seminars in the form of public discussion groups, forums,
panels, lectures in Senior Centers or Community Centers to the general public.

(c)        To fundraise and setup a Co-pay Assistance Fund to support and provide temporary financial relieve
for those who are diagnosed with a rheumatic-related diseases, and are under-insured in the Northern
California community.

Current Board of Directors:

President: Barry Shibuya MD (right)
Secretary: Sudhakar Tumuluri MD (left)
Treasurer: Lynda Lee MD (middle)

Additional Board Member starting 2017:  
Christine Elias MD  and Thaila Ramanujam MD

History of NRCS (Formerly known as NCRA before 2008)
It started out as a journal club in the late 1980s...  
Previous leadership included Michael Stevens MD, Ernest Katler MD, and many others
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NCRS Donation History

2014 - Donated $1000 to UCSF Rosalind
Russell Medical Research Center for Arthritis

2013 - Donated $1000 to Scleroderma
Foundation in support of their Stepping Out
to Cure Scleroderma

2011 - Donated $1000 to Psoriasis
Foundation in support of their Walk to Cure

2010 - The NCRS donated $2500 to UCSF
for Kenneth Fye endowed chair
Fund on behalf of 2010 Annual Case Sharing
Presenters: UCSF: Dr David Daikh & Dr
Jonathan Graf, Stanford: Dr Jeremy Sokolove,
UC Davis: Dr Nancy Lane and Dr Naama
Leibushor, Dr Elaine Lambert, and Dr Lester
Miller. Thank you for donating your honorarium
to such special fund.

2009 - The NCRS made a $2000 donation
on behalf of the Annual Case Sharing
presenters to the
Arthritis Foundation, for
their participation in our yearly case sharing
meeting.  A matching grant from
increased the NCRS $2000 donation to
Thank you to all of the presenters and Centocor
for their generous donation!